Mission & Vision



Pioneers in Travel Business



Bon voyage’s mission is superiority to unite high quality sevices and incomparable Client serving through highly motivated and qualified team.



To efectivly position itself amongst the world premier travel agencies whilst contributing consistantly to the betterment and development of the industry.


Core Value:

Customers are amongst our most valuable organizational assets. Every employee represents Bon Voyage Travel and Tourism Co. to our customers and the public. The way we do our jobs presents the image of our entire organization. Customers judge all of us by how they are treated with each employee contact. Therefore; one of our first business priorities is to assist any customer or potential customer. Nothing is more important than being courteous, friendly, helpful, and prompt in the attention you give to customers. Positive customer relations not only enhance the public's public perception or image of Bon Voyage Travel and Tourism Co.,nevertheless but also pay off in greater customer loyalty and increased sales and profit.

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